Pure Delight

Pulsating through her very being
Untamed, fervent, inexplicable…a feeling so strong,
Riveting is its course, unyielding to fluid;
Erupting in unison, the euphoric tremors.

Desires escalated, feverish fantasies reigned,
Emboldened by this new power, and exploring;
Lust and love osmosed into one,
Infusing each moment with warmth;
Gripping was the journey, and the union,
He is in her arms now, finally;
Taming, enticing, loving, espousing this man…pure delight!

(First attempt at poetry after six years. I have a major writer’s block when it comes to expressing emotions through poetry. But anyways, here it is…)

Photo Courtesy http://adiberlin.deviantart.com/art/hidden-121232601

14 thoughts on “Pure Delight”

  1. Very good. I wouldn\’t mind havin a certain guy in my arms that way! Sigh. Anyways have to write med june end. After that, hopefully, freedom. 🙂

  2. and you say 6 years?????well gal, you certainly have not lost anything as far as I can tell…this one rocks :)take care… cheers…

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