For my best friend :)

August 2003:

The humidity and the heat was making me angrier by the minute. Hyperactive sweat glands fueled an irritable mood. I was waiting in the queue for admission into the medical college of my choice after I cleared the entrance examination. The nervousness of being cross-examined by the professors on the counseling panel was adding to the sweat glands working even faster! Then I glanced back at the tiny, petite girl standing behind me in the queue. I hated her for looking all aglow and fresh, not a drop of sweat! I was wondering what antiperspirant she used! We exchanged a few words, don’t remember what, during that long wait to get into the colleges of our choice. Little did I know then that she’s going to end up being one of my best friends!

First few days of medical college, fear of ragging in the air, the task of making new friends, trying to get a grasp of the hectic schedule of classes; it’s all a chaotic blur now. Things were just settling down to what will be routine life for the next five years, when I saw that tiny girl again who just refused to sweat.

A month rolled by, an occasional “hi” lead to more conversations and slowly she and another girl became good friends of mine. The first year of medical college along with these two friends was the best year of my life. From stealing brains from anatomy hall to bunking classes to making home movies to doing the weirdest possible things in our own weird way; we had a great time together. Everyone in class used to think of us as aliens. We were. Our talks were different, not superficial. Our jokes were different, only we got them! We were different, and extremely glad to have found each other. Happy memories that I’ll cherish forever.

The years went by, Devi (the tiny, sweat-proof girl) and I became close friends and confidantes. We weren’t like those air-kissing, party-hopping, giggling girlfriends. The comfort level we shared, the quality of time we spent was something I’ll always treasure.

Everything wasn’t smooth running all the time. We had fights. Ugly fights. Wasted months sometimes in not letting go of ego hassles and grudges. Then we would miss each other way too much and happily resume our friendship again. We had seen each other through many tough times, a lot many tough times. And even though it wasn’t expresses explicitly always, her presence was a source of silent comfort. Sometimes we took each other for granted because we knew deep down in our hearts, we’ll always be friends no matter how many ups and downs cross our lives.

Now, distance has crept into our friendship. Thousands of miles separate us now. I miss her presence in my life. I miss calling her up and boring her to death about every tiny detail of my life. I miss my confidante. I miss my best friend. I am doing a bad job at describing how much I miss her. I know nothing has changed in our friendship, rather we have become more vocal about expressing our emotions. Absence does make the heart grow fonder. Hence proved.

She’s getting married in less than a month. And I won’t be able to attend her wedding because it is being held  in another continent. I can’t express in words how missing out on being part of that important day in her life is affecting me. To say I’m sad will be a huge understatement. But here’s wishing her all the happiness and joy life has to offer.

Devi, happy birthday!Miss you! 🙂

Hugs and love,

4 thoughts on “For my best friend :)”

  1. Hi,I am so happy I came across your blog just now. Its deja vu…i was a medical student and your post reminded me of my friends in college! We shared 9 yrs of our lives living together..those were fun times! I will follow your blog and all the best to you…

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